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Fastdeploy is PXE-as-a-service. It brings automated, entirely network-based operating system and application install to everyone from the individual technician to the largest infrastructures. Utilizing widely available and established PXE network installation techniques, we've created a simple and fast method to bring a complete PXE-based automation system to your desktop, virtual machine, server, and data center with little or no change to your existing network environment.
Want to take Fastdeploy out for a spin? You can deploy an operating system automatically right now over the Internet on to bare metal or a virtual machine (VMware, Xen, KVM, VMware Workstation, or VirtualBox). Go through the steps below to automate the installation of the chosen operating system

Step 1: Download the Fastdeploy ISO.

Step 2: Configure your system with the options you want:

Step 3: or
You have successfully configured a device to be automatically deployed. Go to our support section to learn more about what to do next.

Fastdeploy is still in beta test mode. Please go to our bug reporting system right now if you want to report any issues or bugs with the software.
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